Soul Food

Potting Shed/Chicken Coop
Potting Shed and Chicken coop and pen

For some of us the time spent sitting in church between 10:30 and 11:30 on Sunday morning is the only time when our soul feels truly nurtured and fed. Others may take time to go for a walk on the beach or go fishing on a lake or walking in the woods to achieve a similar effect. There’s something about nature that is nourishing to our soul. Perhaps that’s why we head to state forests and lakes and beaches in such great numbers every summer. We instinctively know that we feel better out in natural places – more at peace, more relaxed and in some mysterious way able to connect again with the spiritual side of ourselves. In today’s hectic high-tech world we often feel disconnected from our soul. Out in nature we can feel in some mysterious way both larger and smaller than we are. Larger, when we have one of those moments of truly feeling our interconnectedness with the planet and all the life on it, and smaller when we realize what a tiny part of this vast and intricate web of life we are.

Tulips in the Wheelbarrow On Deck
Tulips in the wheelbarrow

When we take it upon ourselves to do something utterly unselfish it feeds our soul. The little acts of sacrifice we make for our fellow humans and for the planet have the effect of connecting us with our spirit and our values. When we sacrifice our long luxurious bath or shower in a conscious effort to conserve one of our planet’s most precious resources, we nourish our soul. Each small act, consciously made, expresses our concern for something other than ourselves. There is no immediate material reward for taking a five-minute shower or buying organic food or recycling. You probably won’t even get a pat on the back from anyone for doing it. But perhaps like the Grinch who stole Christmas – our hearts may grow a little larger. Our souls are nourished by each unselfish act. The reward is to be able to feel good about ourselves.

Brian Hoffman said on his Abundant Earth website (

An ecologically sustainable culture is achievable only by acknowledging the interconnectedness and inter-relatedness of all things, and then acting in ways to sustain and even enhance these relations. … It is our contention that the collective energy and creativity of the people of this world will sustain a monumental global transformation of our global economic systems, from one of exploitation based on the principles of scarcity, to one of mutual collaboration based on the principles of ecological abundance… The earth is capable of providing more than enough for everyone when the ecological systems that sustain us are honored, supported and enhanced, rather than neglected, abused, and destroyed.

This is the concept of ecological abundance we wish to share… We know that together, we will make a difference. We know that together, we shall see the transformation of our society from one that exploits the earth, to one that thrives in collaboration with the earth. We honor you for your courage and perseverance. We know it is difficult to do the “right” thing when so many of our collective values suggest we do otherwise.”

Helping to bring our planet back into balance is food for the soul. Each small unselfish act, consciously made, to do our part toward leaving a strong healthy planet for the generations that follow us, feeds our soul. Perhaps no one but you will know what you do, but we think that may be enough. We applaud all the unsung heroes among us.

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