The Holistic Garden

Holistic Garden design by Bryon Allen of Mandala Arts
Holistic Garden design by my son Bryon Allen of Mandala Arts

Holistic gardening takes into account that we share this planet with a myriad of other creatures. Any sort of ecological balance depends on the lives and actions of creatures we may never see or know exist on our property and in our gardens. Since we humans are still so incredibly ignorant of the vast and complex web of interconnectedness  that surrounds and supports us – it seems best to live and garden in ways that imitate nature to the best of our understanding, and at least do the least harm possible with our lifestyle and gardening practices.

Drawing of holistic garden by Barb Allen
Drawing of holistic garden
by Barb Allen

In 1990 I wrote The Holistic Garden – a simple guide for the organic newbie who needed the basics. This section of the website will, over time, become the repository for bits and pieces of the book with some updated information added and outdated info removed. If you are new to gardening “holistically” I hope you find information here that helps.

I also need to say that – although I have gardened in many types of climates and soils and situations over the last half century – I am still constantly learning new, BETTER ways to do things.  My experience doesn’t make me an expert… I share it – not because I think it is the last word in gardening – but because it may give you something to try for yourself.  I love hearing about the experience of others, so please feel free to share it.