The Coronation

The following is the beginning of an epic essay by Charles Eisenstein on what we are all going through together on this planet right now.  It is a long, rich read filled with deep questions and thoughts that I just felt compelled to share with more than my close family and friends.  It will make you think – which I believe is a good thing. Many of us have time for that right now.
Charles is the author of the Ascent of Humanity and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible and is one of leading “thinkers” of our time.   His writings have deeply effected my life and how I look at the world.  And it’s one of those things that you might want to read two or three times because there is so much to take in you might not get it all first time around….
I send you all my love – wherever in the world you are…and wish you well in this twilight zone in which we all find ourselves.  Stay well.
“March 2020

For years, normality has been stretched nearly to its breaking point, a rope pulled tighter and tighter, waiting for a nip of the black swan’s beak to snap it in two. Now that the rope has snapped, do we tie its ends back together, or shall we undo its dangling braids still further, to see what we might weave from them?

Covid-19 is showing us that when humanity is united in common cause, phenomenally rapid change is possible. None of the world’s problems are technically difficult to solve; they originate in human disagreement. In coherency, humanity’s creative powers are boundless. A few months ago, a proposal to halt commercial air travel would have seemed preposterous. Likewise for the radical changes we are making in our social behavior, economy, and the role of government in our lives. Covid demonstrates the power of our collective will when we agree on what is important. What else might we achieve, in coherency? What do we want to achieve, and what world shall we create? That is always the next question when anyone awakens to their power……”

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